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Candle Magick

The flames tell their own story. Fire is among the 5 elements and has been ever-present. Fire has been there since the beginning of the universe and planets and other celestial bodies are nothing but small balls of fire which evolved. Fire changes everything that comes into its contact, be it a physical entity or non-physical entity. In Candle Magick this transforming energy is channelled to accelerate and encourage life changes.  The Fire and the act of burning have been associated with spiritualism since ancient times and it is believed to connect the physical world to the spiritual realm.

Candle divination is widely used to spell magic but this magick is not limited to spells but is used for manifestation and healing as well. Different coloured candles are used to channel the energies for healing and manifestation and readings are done by observing the flame. 

White candle can be used as default candle and it promotes serenity and peace and enhances personal strength and insight. The other colour candles used for different purposes are listed as follows –

  • ◉ Black - Associated with protection.
  • ◉ Green – Used to channel and amplify growth, luck, fertility, vitality, and creativity.
  • ◉ Blue - Promotes harmony, peace, understanding, empathy, and wisdom.
  • ◉ Yellow – Yellow colour enhances networking and social skills and brings new career opportunities.
  • ◉ Red – Associated with love, passion, and good conjugal life.
  • ◉ Pink – Used to manifest love, romance, and attraction.
  • ◉ Purple – This colour has the power to boost spiritual enlightenment, psychic ability and creativity. Purple manifests deep spiritual inclination.
  • ◉ Orange – In Candle Magick orange colour encourages ambition.
  • ◉ Brown – This colour is associated with practicality and materialistic things. It helps with concerns related to family, health, energy, and even pets.

Manifestation can be done using a single colour candle or combining more than one colour candle. Choosing colours entirely depends upon the psychic and intuitive powers of the practitioner. The practitioner observes the flames while manifesting with candle magic.

There are other interpretations as well on the flame , these are some common readings.

  • ◉ A blue flame denotes the presence of a spirit close by
  • ◉ A tall and strong flame means the spell will work wonders.
  • ◉ A flickering flame denotes the arrival of spirits.
  • ◉ A popping flame indicates conflict against your manifestation.
  • ◉ A slow and weak flame signifies more dedication and concentration is needed to do the manifestation.
  • ◉ A sizzling flame could mean that a spirit or an ally is trying to communicate.

There are other interpretations as well on the flame, these are some common readings.

Manifestation is nothing but a conspiracy of the cosmic universe. A powerful manifestation can give you more than what you wanted. As a candle represents fire which is among the five elements, candle magick can do very powerful manifestations. If done with good intentions candles can bring you good health, inner peace, love, and prosperity. The flame and fire can do unimaginable to you. To make manifestations through candles powerful, the candles should be cleansed and must be made out of pure bees or soy wax without any synthetic scent. Only essential oils should be used on these candles. To make a powerful manifestation, the desirable should be spoken to the candle from so close that your breath touches it. Writing the wish on a piece of paper and burning it can also bring power to it.

There are various areas and aspects of life where candle magick can be used to promote healing and positive change. It can be used to address a wide range of intentions and desires which includes as follows.

  • ◉ Physical Healing
  • ◉ Emotional and Mental Healing
  • ◉ Spiritual Healing
  • ◉ Love and Relationship healing
  • ◉ Protection
  • ◉ Prosperity and Abundance
  • ◉ Clearing Negative Energies
  • ◉ Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

Healing and Manifestation using the power and positive energy of a candle can be life-changing. It connects one with the spiritual realm, cleans the thought process, and channelize positive energy flow in life.

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