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The World of Healing with Angels

The angels are the messengers from spiritual realms and are omnipresent beyond this physical and materialistic world. They reside in the spiritual realms of the cosmic universe. They traverse through their non-physical presence from the realm of spirituality to this materialistic world. They are just like the wind, you cannot touch or see it but feel it. Remembering and being thankful to the angels is a way to better self from the inside. The angels are the ultimate healers of your body as well as the soul.

In angelic traditions, Raphael is associated with healing. He is called Raphael the Rescuer. He is the Angelic Prince of Healing and the keeper of celestial as well as medical healing. The practitioner uses their intuitive powers to reach Raphael and gets the guidance and message for better being of the suffering persons. Prayers and vibrations are channelised to help the seeker through Raphael via reader.


The concept of healing with angels is centuries old across many cultures. The concept may be hypothetical but angels are rooted in spiritual beliefs, and have faith in the role of angels in healing since time unknown. Their presence cannot be denied at all. The angels guide, protect and heal.



In the context of healing with angels, there are various common themes and beliefs. Angels help in physical, mental, and spiritual recovery from illness or challenges. The angelic cosmos is infinite with infinite scope for exploring. Healing through Angels can be classified and diversified according to some common themes and beliefs in a simple manner.



⚫ Angelic Guidance: It’s an old belief that angels are spiritual beings who provides guidance, protection, and healing. The sayings of old and wise cannot be ignored. The time was very different back then and the human race was still evolving and creating civilizations. We are standing on the foundations made by them and they were much more knowledgeable in both physical and non-physical realms. Our ancestors have left behind a great legacy, angelic guidance is one of them. We need to have faith and belief in them and explore the possibilities of getting connected to these angels and living a happy life, physically, mentally, and spiritually. We can always seek them for recovery from illness or challenges.



Prayer and Meditation: The angels get connected to us through prayers and meditations and invoke them for the healing process.



Fix your past: Your sufferings of this life maybe due to your deeds or karmas of the previous birth. Deeper analysis of past life is done through hypnosis or leaf reading. Here Angels card are used to support and help to get answers and guide on how to fix it.



The Guardian Angels: In the angelic occult, it is a stern belief that we all have our guardian angel who guides us through the ups and downs of our life. In angelic traditions, it is believed that chronic pain and illness are related to energy imbalances in the body and these energies manifest pain, illness, and disease. Angel healing therapy can help to identify the root cause of energy block and imbalance and our guardian angel can guide us in the path of restoring this imbalance of energies.



Faith and Belief: Faith and belief are the first and foremost conditions to receive angelic healing. One needs to acknowledge the presence of angels to receive more from them. A person needs to have belief in the existence of angelic powers to receive healing. 

The key to receiving angelic healing is to welcome these celestial messengers with open hearts and respect. They can impart peace, solace, and support. It is important to know that angels are there not only for humans but for animals and nature as well. We cannot deny medical treatments and cures for illness but with angelic healings, these medical treatment too becomes much more effective. Belief in angelic healing can be a source of hope and comfort for the entities.

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