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Signs of the Presence of An Angel

Ever came across a situation when you needed something urgently, felt anxious about it and found it suddenly? It might be a small thing like a pin but you needed it urgently. Or did you ever certainly found a coin out of nowhere, a feather came floating in the air without the presence of any bird? Have you ever come across a little tingling sensation on your skin or a very faint whisper just passed through your ears? If yes, these may be the signs of the presence of angels around you. The angels are the divine beings who are here to help and guide us. They are present on this earth since times unknown and they will live here forever. The angels are not only non-physical celestial beings but are messengers from the spiritual world. Their presence has been felt by many in quite a few ways.
  •  Feathers – A white feather in an unexpected place like inside your wallet or in the bookshelf can be associated with the presence of angel. Though feather of any colour can be linked with them but white ones are regarded as ‘calling cards’. A feather brings a message of encouragement and reassurance.
  •  Coins – Pennies from heaven is a regular and common phrase! Finding a coin in an unusual place can be sign of an angel. It may be related to what you were thinking at that time and is a good sign if you were thinking something positive.
  •  Rainbow – Sighting a rainbow on a clear day can also be angel sign. They appear to encourage you and restore inner faith and belief.
  •  Flashes of Light – The extraordinary light effects can also be signs of angelic presence. A sudden flash , sparkle or orb around you can be due to the presence of an angel around you.
  •  Angel Numbers – Angels make us feel their presence through numbers as well. If Sequence numbers like 111 or 3333 appear frequently in front of you like on your laptop screen, phone screen, maybe on your smartwatch or anywhere randomly can be due to the presence of angels around you. They generally bring positive changes in your life.
  •  Physical Sensations – Chills, goosebumps, tingling sensation or a light touch on your skin with no one or around can also be a sign of the presence of an angel. It may be because your guardian angel just moved closer to you.
  •  Clouds – There are certain times when we see a figure of an angel, or feather, flowers or a heart shape among the clouds. Angels love communicating through clouds and these sightings can bring positive affirmations.
There are various other ways through which the angels try to communicate or make their presence felt. It can be through a scent, music, butterflies, babies swaying their limbs in the air happily or, even as a person or a friend coming to you suddenly when you need them the most. On receiving these signs it is advised to stay aware and have faith to receive the messages. Our intuitions can communicate with the angels. Angels offer guidance and it works well with your gratitude.

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