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Difference between Tarot Cards and Angel Cards

Beyond the realms of conventional understanding lies the mysterious knowledge of the Occult and Divination. It includes a wide range of practices, beliefs, and rituals. Occult science and practices help gain deep insights and spiritual solace. It is enigmatic, mysterious, and cosmic at the same time it connects one with the universe. Divine guidance through cards is an ancient practice. Playing cards, Lenormand cards, Oracle decks, OH cards, Tarot cards, and Angel cards are among the cards mostly used for reading the past, present and future.

It is an old conception that cards are used only for future prediction but used for various aspects like physical and mental well-being, soul healing and to get connected with the universe. Tarot Cards and Angel Cards are the most popular ones being used these days. Both are different types of oracle cards used for divination and spiritual guidance.


The tarot cards date back to the 15th century in Europe. It’s a cluster of 78 cards divided into two groups called Major Arcana of 22 cards and Minor Arcana of 56 cards. Known for their rich symbolism the Tarot cards depict various archetypes, esoteric concepts, and universal themes. The Major Arcana set of cards represents the significance of life events and spiritual lessons while the Minor Arcana set of cards focuses on day-to-day challenges and experiences. On the other hand, the Angel cards are a more modern creation and are majorly associated with New Age spirituality. The cards feature angelic imagery and messages from angels, and spirit guides. Angel cards offer gentle, positive, and uplifting guidance. Angel card decks mostly have 36 to 44 cards and unlike Tarot cards they don’t have any division and offer specific messages, affirmations, and guidance from angelic realms. Angel cards are more of a gentle and comforting tool and are used in seeking daily guidance, encouragement, positive affirmations, and connecting with angelic energies. While Tarot cards are used for deep introspection, exploration of subconscious patterns, gaining insights into complexities of life situations, and providing a broader perspective on life challenges and opportunities.




On looking both the card decks the differences can be clearly seen in purpose, structure, look of the deck and even in reading style. The Angel cards are based on angelic connection while the Tarot cards depend mostly on intuition and mystical abilities, revealing the fundamental truth and unlimited possibilities in dealing with the non-materialistic life. Tarot cards reveal information through what is known as the sixth sense while Angel is highly based on celestial beings or angels to be precise. The messages on Tarot cards hugely depends on the psychic ability of the reader. The Angel cards give a definite message from the divine messengers.



Based on the card position and the images on the cards, the Tarot reader using the intuition interpret the meanings and insights in the card. It is more structured and complex and includes various layouts and spreads with specific purposes. The angel card readings are more precise and involves drawing one or more cards and relying on the messages hidden on them decoded by the reader to receive guidance from Angelic realms.


The interpretation of both the cards highly depends on the knowledge and practice of the reader and the reader may be an expert of both the cards. The choice depends on the awareness of the practitioner and situation of the seeker on which card to be used. Many practitioners use both the card decks for a better insight as the Tarot cards gives the a detailed analysis of the issue and Angel cards are very much straight forward for guidance from spiritual realms.

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